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Convection - Secure File Exchange in Rails

An OSS file exchange platform for in Rails for those who prefer or need the security of a self-hosted tool.

Convection has group-based permissions and SSL support, and an easy interface that allows your clients to see all files available to them immediately upon login.

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Insoshi - Open Source Social Networking

Insoshi allows you to set up and host your own social networking platform, and is an excellent starting point for Rails applications with social networking features.

Originally developed by Insoshi Inc., (Michael Hartl and Long Nguyen), Insoshi is now an open-source tool maintained by Logical Reality.

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HOWTO Guides

Setting up CruiseControl.rb on Slicehost

Continuous Integration is a critical tool for development teams, and CruiseControl.rb is many Ruby developers' integration platform of choice.

Setting it up for a team can be frustrating, particularly since it's designed to run in a single user's home directory. Our guide will walk you through configuring it on a Slicehost server from start to finish.