Elite web app development. We will guide your process from discovery through deployment — and beyond.

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  • I'm an early stage startup
    • I’ve got this idea… Arrow
      But where do you start? Is it feasible?
      How We Can Help:
      We’ll evaluate your concept and help pare it to a lean core: a true MVP that you can afford. After one meeting with us, you’ll have answers about tech team size, timescale, budget, and necessary technologies.
    • We’re ready to build! Arrow
      You’re not ready to hire a full-time team on your modest budget, but you need a demo in order to to pitch your seed round, or you want market proof on a lean MVP.
      How We Can Help:
      You can hire us for just a few weeks to build an MVP or proof of concept. Get your idea proofed before you commit to hires and the long haul. Build just enough to pitch your seed round or lure that tech co-founder.
    • I need a tech cofounder! Arrow
      You need that daily partner and tech expertise in your VC pitches, but you haven’t found the right person yet.
      How We Can Help:
      Through our “CTO as a Service” program, LRD becomes your partner. We’ll put a senior developer in charge as your team manager, present in every VC meeting, and we’ll commit at least two team members to rapid iteration on your product.
  • I'm a mid to late stage startup
    • We hired this team... Arrow
      ...and they’re devoted and brilliant but lack experience with the technologies you’ve chosen. You need some seasoned help to get the best footing possible for your Series A pitch.
      How We Can Help:
      We can get things started right with a solid architecture in just a few weeks of work. We’ll train your team on best practices like BDD and decoupled code so your project stays clean, agile, and free of technical debt.
    • Things have slowed down! Arrow
      Nothing’s getting done. The site takes forever to load. Maybe your dev team was forced to make lots of short-term decisions. Or maybe you got burned by offshore work or inexperienced freelancers.
      How We Can Help:
      You’re probably suffering technical debt and paying double interest. Our one-day code review will give you an honest assessment of your situation now and the best approach for the future. If necessary, we can rescue your code and get the app performing again so you can get future features ready on time. We’ll build that missing test suite and train your team to follow cleaner practices going forward.
    • We’ve got this hard problem. Arrow
      Got a particularly tough bug or integration problem and need someone with deeper experience? Need NLP and machine learning? Geolocation? Syncing with an antique database or working with an obscure API?
      How We Can Help:
      We can come in for as little or as much time as you need to get you over the hurdles. Our principals have each been doing this for over fifteen years, and we’ve cracked some of the toughest nuts out there.
    • Our process could use help. Arrow
      Struggling to keep your sprint meetings on track? Is your Agile not so agile?
      How We Can Help:
      We’ve been leading teams for years. We can evaluate and advise on your process, help out for a couple of sprints, and then get out of the way to let you do what you do best.
  • I'm a large business or academic institution
    • We’ve got this project.. Arrow
      Your existing business or department needs a new internal web app. You’ve got an intrapreneurial idea that needs a boost.
      How We Can Help:
      We can build it for you--or make a clean start to the project that your own team can take over. We’ve done everything from custom ticket tracking systems to data collection surveys.
    • Our software development process needs an update! Arrow
      You’ve heard about Agile and would like to modernize your software development process.
      How We Can Help:
      We’ll help you devise a process tailored to your company’s existing culture. If you need help getting up to speed on contemporary best practices like test-driven development, distributed version control, or pair programming, we can provide training.
    • We need to replace an old information system! Arrow
      You’re not a technology company yourself, but you need to update your data collection system. Perhaps you want a new custom purchase order solution using iPads.
      How We Can Help:
      With contemporary web technology, we can upgrade your business and help retire those three-ring binders. We’ve built custom web-based CRMs, reporting tools, and other intranet apps for numerous companies.
  • I'm a small business
    • I just need a custom website. Arrow
      You want a clean, modern, mobile-capable web presence for your company. You’d like to be able to maintain the content yourself, but you also want a specific look and need more than WordPress and Google Page Creator can provide. Or perhaps you’d like to integrate your site with social networking tools or your marketing newsletter, and you need a custom solution.
      How We Can Help:
      We’ve built a number of small business websites by customizing our lean, internally developed CMS. It makes it easy to edit your own pages and upload files for your customers, but doesn’t burden you with a crowded administrative panel. Our CMS offers integrated SEO and social networking functions out of the box.
    • I need to sell my products. Arrow
      You’ve got some things to sell, but you need integration with an existing website or a custom UX. You want a presence outside Amazon and Etsy.
      How We Can Help:
      We have extensive experience building custom e-commerce solutions and integrating them with websites of every sort. Let us help you.